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Stephanie Fishwick Counselling - Bereavement Counsellor in Manchester, & Urmston

Bereavement Counselling

I am an experienced grief counsellor offering warmth and understanding.  

Coping with loss, death and change is an unfortunate part of life. Most of us go through it at some point in our lives, often more than once. It can be desperate.

For many years, alongside my private practice I have worked in bereavement counselling at the Macmillan Centre at Trafford General Hospital, counselling clients who have been bereaved, expect bereavement and for those with terminal illness.

When you lose someone significant it can feel like part of you has died, leaving emptiness inside, or a lack of purpose, role or identity.

There are many different circumstances in which people die; young or old. Some have suffered a long period of illness. Some are taken suddenly and some take their own lives. It can be hard for those who are left behind. Grief is also very real for some when loosing a much loved pet.

I can help you to look forward. Possibly at specific issues; you may be left feeling lonely, empty, confused, guilty, angry, desperate, exhausted or stuck. Your role in life may have changed dramatically. You may not know what to do next…

Please contact me to discuss your interest in meeting me, or if you prefer, you are welcome to give me a call for a free introductory consultation.