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Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks | Counselling | Therapy

Anxiety Counselling, Stress Counselling, Panic Attacks. Manchester.

We can experience anxiety, stress or panic for many different reasons no matter who we are or what situation we might find ourselves in. Some people suffer more than others. It may be due to changing circumstances or feeling there is no way forward.  You may be suffering from social or health anxiety?  Are you concerned about your future? Are you having panic attacks? Is someone you care about ill? 

Symptoms may be:

  • Mentally drained, panicky, frozen.
  • Physically ill, headache, tension, palpitations.
  • Irritable, tearful, sensitive, stuck.
  • Impatient, angry,  withdrawn, isolated.

Could this be you?

Is this affecting your relationships, your work, your sleep and how you feel about yourself and others? 

Would you like to work on finding a solution and look at your options and choices.

As an experienced counsellor, with patience and understanding I can help you to explore your situation and move towards a more positive and peaceful place to support your well being.

Please contact me to discuss your interest in meeting me, or if you prefer, you are welcome to give me a call for a free introductory consultation.